You Will Love This Chronoswiss Zeitzeichen Skeleton Dial Watch Replica

Chronoswiss Zeitzeichen Skeleton Dial Watch Replica

The high-efficiency Chronoswiss Zeitzeichen watch replica is a perfect example of what can be done to a good old Unitas pocket watch caliber if you have a bit imagination and a pair of skilled hands that know what they are doing.

The German watch maker Chronoswiss together with a renowned engine turning specialist Jochen Benzinger who specializes in restoring and redecorating vintage movements (if you have ever heard about Grieb & Benzinger brand that makes beautiful, ultra-expensive one-offs for wealthy customers living in oil-exporting countries, he is thatBenzinger, yes), have recently presented their new joint project — the fabulousChronoswiss Zeitzeichen series of skeletonized watches.Featuring beautiful floral motif, the wristwatch offers a kind of visual lightness that you don’t really expect from such a massive (its steel case measures whole 44 millimeters in diameter) device.

Chronoswiss Zeitzeichen watch replica
Chronoswiss Zeitzeichen watch replica

The skeleton dial fake Chronoswiss Zeitzeichen (Signs of the Times) collection of mechanical wrist watches was initially revealed last year with each watch being a skillful exercise in skeletonizing, hand-engraving and guilloche work done using historic “rose machines.”

Of course, there could be more of them, but each timepiece requires an extensive use of skilled labor with a lot of man hours spent on decorating each visible part of the hand-wound mechanism that keeps them alive. I am not sure how Chronoswiss organizes the manufacturing process, but usually each mechanism requires multiple assembly and disassembly in order to ensure that its structural integrity is not compromised and every skeletonized part works as good as a solid one. Yes, this is not a car where rigidity is crucial to its safety and handling, but it is still a very fine mechanism and there are a lot of things that can affect its isochronism.

Now, the beautiful collection has been extended with three new models –namely, Chronoswiss Zeitzeichen V (floral theme, fully skeletonized), Zeitzeichen VI (also floral, but showing a partially intact dial), and Zeitzeichen VII (also fully skeletonized and featuring an impressive Oriental-style dragon made of solid silver)–, each available at an extremely limited lot of only 33 pieces.

I can hardly imagine myself wearing one of these beauties, but I would definitely love to have one in my modest collection of Chronoswiss replica wrist watches.