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Tank Américaine

Lately, we presented you the Tank Louis Cartier Watches Repair Replica and the Tank Françaises. Today, let’s discover the new Tank Américaine. Designed in 1987 and launched in 1989, the Tank Américaine updates the curved case of the 1921 Tank Cintrée watch: the rectangular shape becomes more compact, while the brancards are rounded.

The Tank Américaine

The power and elegance of its elongated, slightly convex form make it a classic – a smart watch which asserts its strength. It can be seen as an homage to the very first Tank watch given to General Pershing. Combining watchmaking and style, it plays with geometry, alternating stark and softened edges, straight lines and curves, rounded corners and angles. The Tank Américaine was also the first Cartier watch to offer a curved water-resistant case.

With its robust, generous proportions and emphatic beauty, the watch introduced a new folding buckle that allowed the strap length to be precisely adjusted to the wrist size, replacing the mechanism employed by Cartier since 1910.

The new Tank Américaine embodies the spirit of the original Tank in its contemporary, understated aesthetic. Showcasing clean lines and a strong presence on the wrist, the eternally elegant model makes an utterly modern statement in presenting steel as a precious material.

From the perspective of its attributes, materials, and motion, the retail price of about $3,500 for its reference W5200027 on a leather strap or $3,700 for its reference W5200028 on a bracelet is not “economical” (we will leave it to customers and commenters to do their own cost hunting, of course). There are square and rectangular watches, like the Baume & Mercier Hampton, for instance, which supply an automatic Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, and the same basic functions for much less ($2,650). The Nomos Tetra has an in-house automatic motion for about $2,980, and the Rado Integral is just available in earnings and ranges between $1,350 and $2,400. The TAG Heuer Monaco chronograph ($4,800) is similar in its right angles has to be noted, I suppose, but it is so sporty that I don’t actually find it comparable.In the ending, it is the tasteful proportions, simple layout, and robust legibility I feel assisted the Cartier Watches 2014 Replica Tank succeed and put it into a category of its own. And, of course, its own history. For me personally, higher water resistance, a display caseback, and a hardier strap and buckle would really increase the value proposition of this Cartier Tank Solo XL.It was indicated to me that some significant set should incorporate a Tank. I state gather what you like and wear what you’d like, but there’s a whole lot to enjoy in the Cartier Tank. The Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic gives an entry-level option for contemporary tastes to fans of the brand and the Tank. Cartier turning 170 and the Tank turning 100 sounds like a recipe for some sort of unique release in 2017, so keep an eye out. The mention W5200027 Cartier Tank Solo XL Automatic on a leather strap is, once again, Cartier’s cheapest mechanical men’s watch with a retail price of $3,450.
Tank Américaine

Small, medium and large models of the Tank Américaine © Cartier

New models features

The 2017 watches are available in three sizes: a small one (34.80 mm x 19.00 mm x 6.50 mm) and a medium one (41.60 mm x 22.60 mm x 9.50 mm) for ladies and a large one (45.10 mm x 26.60 mm x 9.65) for men. These three new watches have a steel case and a silver dial.

Whereas the small model is powered by a quartz movement, the medium and large models are powered by a mechanical movement with automatic winding. Ladies’ models are equipped with a glossy navy blue strap and the men’s model with a half-matt navy blue strap.