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Top Grade Vintage Yellow Gold Rolex Moon-Phases Replica Watches

To many of the world’s most experienced collectors of vintage Rolex Moon-Phases replica wristwatches, reference 6062 represents the pinnacle of the “crowned” firm’s entire production.

Rolex Daytona moonphase replica watches

Rolex Daytona moonphase replica watches

Reference 6062 was made only for some three years in the early 1950s, and until today we have only seen examples in stainless steel, yellow gold and pink gold. Pink gold is the rarer of the two gold versions, and the ultimate dial configuration for the pink gold examples features 8 five-pointed faceted stars for hour markers. It is thanks to this dial configuration that reference 6062 has received its flattering nickname “Stelline”, Italian for starlet. In 40 years of auctions, we can hardly count more than a handful of legitimate and unrestored pink gold star-dial reference 6062, underlining this model’s utter exclusivity.

Rolex Daytona moonphase replica watches

Rolex Daytona moonphase replica watches

In fact, reference 6062 is one of only two models ever to feature a full calendar paired with the indication of the phases of the moon, together with reference 8171 (see lot 167). Reference 6062 brings the best in all possible disciplines together, starting with the signature design Oyster case with the near perfect diameter of 36 millimetres to continue with the 9 3/4”’ in-house movement, and to be highlighted with a silver grain finished dial that, in terms of richness, elaborateness, and complexity is second to none.

The present example is now offered at auction for only the second time since its making some over 60 years ago. In fact, until 2004, it was still with the family of the original owner, safely tucked away in a bank vault for years and years since the passing of the original owner. According to the family, the original owner couldn’t enjoy the mens fake Rolex moon-phase watch for more than only a few years, a fact that now turns into a blessing when analyzing the condition of this superb chronometer.

When sold in 2004 for the first time since its original purchase over half a century earlier, it was immediately recognized by the market as possibly the best preserved and most original, rose gold “Stelline” the market has so far seen.

Since 2004 the watch has not changed ownership, and has only once been removed from the bank in order to allow John Goldberger to study and photograph it for his book dedicated to the world’s most beautiful Rolex watches (100 Superlative Rolex Watches, pg. 142-143). In Goldberger’s book, it is shown how original and untouched the watch is starting from the original case finish, both on the top and underneath side, but equally the absolutely unrestored star-dial including the untouched luminous dots placed perfectly in between the points of the five-sided stars. The only addition to the watch during the last 11 years is a perfectly matching rose gold Jubilee bracelet, a particular effort and investment both in terms of time and money, by the current owner. Consequently, it was not only fiercely fought for but also acquired by one of the world’s most accomplished collectors in this particular field, but also achieved a record result, more than doubling its original pre-sale estimate.

The offering of this spectacular pink gold reference 6062 is an event by itself, and an opportunity that the most demanding and educated collectors of yellow gold Rolex replica wristwatches should not miss.

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