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One factor is very important to notice with Cartier; unlike many manufacturers, they had a strong focus on watches that are shaped. Many brands tried to do this — especially from the 1920s and 1930s, in which Art-Deco also influenced watchmaking and where we’ve seen many timepieces with rectangular or cushion-shaped watches — but few produces achieved to maintain this attribute for a hallmark. In fact, if you look at the real collections of brands that are older, there are mainly round watches, if we discuss apparel or sports watches. On the flip side, Cartier’s icons are all shaped-watches and recent inventions follow exactly the same concept.Of program, the curved shape is somehow natural, as a watch usually have hands attached to a central axis and rotating on a dial. However, Cartier’s most influential timepieces all share this notion of being different from the norm of the round timepiece. Take for instance the Tank and its own rectangular case. Or the Santos, with a mix of square and octagonal shapes. You will also find the Tortue or the Roadster, with their barrel shaped cases. Recently, the brand introduced some more picky watches, like for instance that the Ballon Bleu. But then again, its not only a round instance. Same could be said for your own ClĂ©. Shapes are always part of the style of a Cartier, with several different inspirations and style. However, a Cartier is recognizable as so and the elegance of their watches is incontrovertible.