Reviewing The Top Grade 18K rose gold Tag Heuer Connected Replica Watch

TAG Heuer Connected replica watch

Following months of teasing, when it was finally unveiled last November, the TAG Heuer Connected replica watch was presented as the quintessential Swiss luxury smartwatch.

I’m probably not alone to think Apple Watch when I hear “smartwatch” and “gold” in the same sentence. At $20,000 US the gold Apple Watch was a ridiculous nonsense, and it is now just a bad memory for the guys in Cupertino, with Apple Watch 2, they dropped the gold model.

Tag Heuer Connected copy watch
Tag Heuer Connected copy watch

Did TAG Heuer felt the need to take up the torch from Apple? It is quite puzzling, given the fact that year-over-year the global smartwatch shipments have declined 51%, and while it is still Apple the leader of the pack, their shipments decreases by 71.6%… Is this really the market that needs a $10k smartwatch? We’ll see…Today, TAG Heuer announced an upgraded Tag Heuer Connected chronograph copy model of the Connected, with an extravagant 18K rose gold case.

Which is a very good deal! Now, with the Connected Rose Gold, it seems that after the two-year warranty period, you can exchange it to the special edition titanium Carrera Calibre 5 at no extra cost. I’ll let you decide if this is an OK deal or not.

At least with the smart fake TAG Heuer Connected watch, people have the possibility to exchange it after two years to a titanium Carrera Calibre 5, by paying an extra $1,500.