Replica Watches Essentials Fratellowatches ‘behind the scenes’ during the 24 hours of Spa


As you all know we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this month. To show you all our appreciation for your regular visits and the still growing number of unique visitors we organised a special giveaway. In order to win one of the prizes, all you have to do is to take a small survey. It will give us some more information about you (our readers) and the things you are interested in when it comes to watches. You can still enter the giveaway until mid august and let us know what you think. We are looking forward to your feedback.

Over the last couple of weeks we already received massive responses in our mailbox. To let you know how much we value your thoughts and ideas we took action right away. Amongst the feedback on our last question ‘What can we do to improve Fratello Watches for you?’ several of our readers told us that they would like to see videos. To be honest we have little to none experience with this, yet we tried and created our very first video.

Bert of Fratellowatches talking to Matthijs Wolzak of the Amsterdam Tourbillon Boutique

When we come back from an event we always have a lot of images, most of which don’t make it online. No matter how much we like good photos, we always have to make a selection when we work on the final article. With the wish for video and the upcoming race weekend in Spa we thought this would be the perfect moment to create something like a ‘behind the scenes’ report including our very first own production video. During our weekend at the Blancpain flyback watches Replica Endurance Series 24 hours of Spa we brought along one of those tiny GoPro action cameras and created this 4 minute ‘behind the scenes’ compilation, together with some more photos of the event.

Minutes before the driver takes some of the guests for one high-speed lap around the spa circuit.

Quick switching of the guests during the 20 minutes of ‘one lap around Spa’ time window.

You wouldn’t expect this but there is a lot of waiting involved during events, perfect time for messaging

Overview of the Pirelli compound with the control tower and famous Eau Rouge corner in the background.

The perfect gear for reporting from any circuit.

We hope you enjoyed our first ‘behind the scenes’ video. Stay tuned for upcoming reports  in the near future.