Features The Titanium Oris Diving Prodiver Chronograph Watch Replica

Titanium Oris Diving Prodiver Chronograph Watch

The steel Oris ProDiver Chronograph replica watch is offered in a huge 51 mm x 22 mm stainless steel body and has a water resistance rating of 1000 meters, so you can easily use it both as a diving tool and a self-defense weapon.The new “professional” diving watch was revealed three months ago and has a good chance to become a hit among diving enthusiasts that are tired from the omnipresent Rolex Submariners and Sea-Dwellers as well as the overpriced Omega Seamaster divers.

Besides an impressive water resistance rating of 1000m, this new timepiece from the Swiss watchmaking brand Oris also features their patent-pending proprietary Rotation Safety System that effectively protects the scratch-proof ceramic bezel from being accidentally rotated thus putting its owner’s life in danger.

Looking for the big one? Well, looks like the new mens fake Oris ProDiver Chronograph 51mm diving watch is just the right size for you.

Oris ProDiver Chronograph diving  watch replica
Oris ProDiver Chronograph diving watch replica

The watch also sports an automatic helium-escape valve that prevents the sapphire crystal from popping out during fast decompression, watertight screw-in push-pieces and winding crown, and it comes with a spare rubber strap that you can easily put in place of the original titanium bracelet.

Its huge case, which is 51mm in diameter and whooping almost 21 millimeters thick, has enough interior space to provide room for a small nuclear fission reactor, not to mention the Oris Caliber 674 movement, which is based on the time-proven Valjoux 7750 natural-born chronograph engine.

According to the company, in order to turn the bezel counterclockwise, you need to first lift its outer part. Almost like it is done in child-proof packaging, but in the opposite direction, I guess.


Frankly, I would probably want one even if it would be forever condemned to stay in the winding machine: like a beautiful woman, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, and a Ferrari, a thing like that simply must enter your life at a certain point. Of course, this is not the best Oris copy watch to wear even if you prefer Levi’s to tuxedo, but its size will definitely not be an issue if you plan to wear it with a diving suit.