Closer Look At The High Quality Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenge 44 Black Dial Automatic Watch

Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenge 44 Black

Offering the same easily recognizable design as the rest of the family, the high quality fake Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenge 44 Black automatic chronograph follows current trend of making watches that are bigger, bolder and deliver your statement with a bit of arrogance.

The same noble metal is used to decorate the watch’s face, starting with all six hands –including the finely wrought central seconds hand with Corum’s trademark Key– and company’s logo at 12 o’clock and ending with the hour markers.

The dial looks just beautiful and its high-contrast display is just great, but Corum’s designers would rather produce the hour markers in color (like it was done in some other versions of the watch.)

Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenge 44 Black watch replica
Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenge 44 Black watch replica

The new addition to the series is the 44mm mens Corum Admiral’s Cup Challenge replica model that features a PVD-coated dodecagonal stainless steel case, which is adorned with a fixed red gold bezel and an oversized winding crowd.

The problem is that looking at this watch you can’t tell the “1” from “2”, “4” from “8”, “6” from “7” and “11” from “12”. In reality, the “1” looks like a white pennant with a red dot on it and the “2” is a blue pennant with white dot; the “4” is a red pennant with a white cross on it and the “8” is vice-versa. You get the idea.

You see, the 12 tiny marks on the timepiece’s bezel flange are not just funny pictograms, but are in fact international maritime signal flags that are meant to say “1, 2, 3, 4 … 12” to those who understand the code.

It will probably be quite accurate, too, because Corum’s CO753 automatic caliber, which is based on the robust and reliable ETA Valjoux 7753 top-grade ebauche, is COSC-certified, so the chronograph is also a chronometer.

Despite this embarrassing design (or, rather, usability) mistake, the watch looks just great thanks to its dodecagonal bezel and the way that the crown guards and chronograph push-pieces are blended into design. While its size of whole 44 millimeters may scare a great number of people away, the watch doesn’t seem to be as huge in real life and will probably fit just about any wrist above 7.25 inches.

Although Admiral Cup’s series design starts to leave a sour taste in one’s mouth, the Corum replica watch still deserves to be considered as a worthy gift for the upcoming Labor Day.