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Jaquet Droz – Lady 8 Flower Swiss Movement Replica Watches

In 2015, Jaquet Droz conceived its first creation for ladies in the Automata collection — the Lady 8 Flower, encasing an enamel butterfly and a whirling lotus flower.

Today’s new Lady 8 Flower is embellished with even more jewels. Assembled by hand in the Jaquet Droz Wrist Watch Replica workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, this exclusive timepiece epitomizes the artistry for which the brand is known. It is offered in two limited edition of eight pieces in 18-karat white gold and 18-karat red gold, with the gold dial set with 353 diamonds, the gold case and applied ring set with 114 blue sapphires and 88 diamonds, and the buckle of the alligator strap set with 47 diamonds.

Lady 8 Flower

Lady 8 Flower, red gold © Jaquet Droz

Under the sapphire crystal dome, the precious, sculpted lotus flower blooms and closes with the gentle press of a pusher on the watch’s side, while, at its center, a diamond briolette arises to join the dancing petals on their mother-of-pearl stage. Gentleness and poetry emanate from the curves of the Lady 8 Flower—whose two joined dials form a figure eight, the symbol of infinity and splendor in Asian cultures—and from the oscillating weight, crafted in an elegant fan shape.

Lady 8 Flower

The diamond briolette at the center of the lotus flower © Jaquet Droz

The Lady 8 Flower also embodies technical sophistication, the counterpart to the simplicity of the naturalist elements. With a 38-hour power reserve and miniaturized mechanisms, it is the worthy heir to Jaquet Droz’s automata. The two independent mechanical movements dance harmoniously: the hour and minute hands mark the tempo – its inner workings being visible through the sapphire crystal on the back – while, on another stage, the floral automaton springs to life with its curved and polished silhouette whenever the spirit moves the wearer.


Lady 8 Flower

Jaquet Droz 615 self-winding mechanical movement, silicon balance spring and pallet horns, platinum oscillating weight. © Jaquet Droz

The paillonnée enamel procedure is gold paillons set against blue enamel frames the figure eight screen for the time which marks the Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde collection. It’s demonstrated to be quite attractive and is a hallmark of the contemporary Jaquet Droz brand since its reintroduction in the year 2000. Obviously, the irony here (as I have mention previously) is that the seconds indicator (that is also the tourbillon display) is smaller than the hour and moment dial so that it isn’t technically a “grand seconds.” This name applies more accurately to the non-tourbillon variations of this design where the moments index is below (and larger), and the top of the figure eight is the dial to get the hour and minutes (which is smaller). The dials are framed by an 18k red gold figure eight, which fits the 18k red gold case. The opinion is intentionally bold, even though it’s more dressy in its style at 43mm wide (13.1mm thick) – that, for mepersonally, is an ideal size since everything you’re really showing off here is the art of the dial. The makeup of this watch is truly top-notch (supposing the total style appeals to you, as it will myself). I enjoy how Jaquet Droz chose to go for a semi-transparent window to the tourbillon. You can see it via the dial, but it is not brazenly exposed. It is a more subtle way of showing off a tourbillon, and I think it’s a style many people would appreciate (again, regardless of the high price tag of this standing timepiece). It is possible to observe the motion through the sapphire crystal caseback window, and there you’ll also see the appealing blue lapis lazuli applique set to the differently 18k red gold automatic rotor.

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